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All orders are shipped via UPS.  Choose the shipping option that best meets your needs.  Sheet products are shipped flat unless they are ordered with roll product.  In which case they will be shipped rolled, with the roll product.  If you’d like it shipped flat, place a second order for just the flat product and pay separate shipping.

Lost Orders

Orders that do not arrive within 14 will be submitted to UPS for reimbursment.  If UPS documents delivery and rejects the claim, the order will not be refunded.
We reserve the right to change our shipping policy without notice.

Cut Files

You may use this design to cut items for personal use or for sale in your home business.  You may not use this design for mass production of finished goods or commercial purposes without purchasing a commercial license from Itty Bitty Dragon

No one else is authorized to offer licensing of our products.

This design file may not be shared, transmitted, copied, transferred, altered for sale or resold in its original, digital format. You may not use our files to create other cut designs for resale. You may not digitize this design file to create embroidery items, or convert it to any other file type.  Digitized versions of most of our .svg files can be found at Stitchtopia.

Additional limits on use of the Itty Bitty Dragon cut file.  The Itty Bitty Dragon is the trademark and logo for Itty Bitty Dragon, Inc.  Therefore, the design cannot be used to create any product or image where the Dragon is a component of an image used for advertising or branding of another product or service.  The Dragon design may not be used in any manner that could be reasonably construed as unflattering or detremental to Itty Bitty Dragon, Inc.

Itty Bitty Dragon, Inc has included a photograph or digital images (jpeg) of this design file for use in advertising and sales for your home business. You are free to use any of the images included with your files for this purpose as long as you do not alter the images or remove the Itty Bitty Dragon watermark.

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